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PTAC Units

Residential and commercial clients alike love self-contained, all-in-one Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) units for their ease of installation and longevity. These compact units do not require intrusive ductwork, making them perfect for small living spaces, bedrooms, hotels, and more. When you want to make sure your unit works as it should, contact Cool Tech HVAC Corp..

Specializing in the repair, installation, and maintenance of PTAC units, we make sure your unit gets the service it needs to keep you comfortable all year-round.

Make sure your self-contained heating and air conditioning system operates at peak efficiency day and night. Request our services by calling (718) 668-2031 today.

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Keeping Families Cool with Our PTAC Services

For the past twenty years, we have serviced the portable units of clients near and far. Over these two decades, we have amassed the knowledge needed to correct issues and eliminate their underlying causes. We've helped businesses, care facilities, and homes lower their utility bills-and that's not all. With us overseeing the installation and repair of your heating and cooling units, you reap all the benefits.

Competitively Priced Repair Services

Every facet of our business has been crafted and refined with the customer in mind. While PTAC units might be our specialty, customer satisfaction is our priority.

Our manageable rates ensure that clients of all distinctions can afford our services. With rates like ours, there is no reason for you or a loved one to endure another day with a sputtering PTAC air conditioner. Whether you want us to calibrate and install your new unit or address a long-neglected issue, we can help you.

Would you like to learn more about our PTAC repair and installation services? If so, contact us at your convenience.

Addressing All Your PTAC Problems

We correct HVAC issues both big and small-and we do so in a swift fashion. From iced coils to clogged filters, we fix it all. With us, the sky truly is the limit.

Can't Stay Cool?

When your PTAC system fails to keep you comfortable despite cranking the thermostat, it might be a sign that it needs a new refrigerant. In some cases, the issue might require a new thermostat altogether. Rest assured, we can source and install new components such as those.

Dripping Water?

When your PTAC unit begins leaking, it might be a sign that we should re-install the unit altogether. Improper placement can lead to drainage issues. Thankfully, we're more than capable of re-installing these compact units in a timely fashion.

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One glimpse at how we operate, and you will surely understand why we've become the local favorites.

Is your packaged air conditioning unit showing signs of wear and tear? Is air quality in the bedroom not quite what it used to be? Whatever the issue, we can help you.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading HVAC contractors in the region.

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