Want More Control Over Your Comfort?

Install ductless air conditioning inside your Brooklyn, NY home

Sometimes controlling the temperature inside your home can be difficult, especially if you own an older home. Don't spend your money ripping out your insulation and updating your home's exterior; just install a ductless air conditioning unit. Cool Tech HVAC Corp in Brooklyn, NY can install ductless heat pumps or AC systems inside your home to keep you more comfortable year-round.

These cost-effective systems can help you pump AC to rooms that don't receive any airflow at all. Contact us today to learn more about how a ductless system can benefit your home in Brooklyn, New York City, Staten Island or Queens. We prefer using Mitsubishi products due to their efficiency and reliability.

Ductless systems can benefit your commercial space

Ductless systems can benefit your commercial space

Heating and cooling a commercial property can be complicated. That's why there are multiple devices you can use to pump air throughout your building efficiently. When your central air system isn't getting the job done, install a ductless unit to help it out. Ductless heat pumps are beneficial because they're:

  • Affordable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

Save money and feel more comfortable in your residential or commercial property by installing a ductless air conditioning system today.